reading through the water + virtual caminos

thinking on somatic memory & pleasure, intimacy with self & other, and the difference between safety & discomfort (in the body) on my morning walk unfolded into a day of looking at many brilliant artists. these 2 really stuck out.

Catherine Feliz is a contemporary interdisciplinary artist, full spectrum doula, and community medicine-maker born and raised in NYC (occupied Lenape territory). Her multimedia projects are personal reflections on the social-political constructions of power and knowledge. Through applying the languages of visual desire and the practices of care, they’re interested in imagining new narratives of place that center the experiences of politicized bodies.

(text taken from their website)
Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 9.26.20 PM
You ​See ​the ​Costume ​Not ​the ​Spirit
xerox ​paper ​and ​ink, ​inkjet ​photo ​prints, ​5 ​in ​x ​7 ​in


Virtual Caminos from Catherine Feliz on Vimeo.


the work of J.B. Murray.


sigh. his work is like love letters to and from a place that cannot be perceived with human eyes.

hear his sweet song & prayer in this short film by Judith McWillie. i love life lol.

“Water Saves. You can’t hinder water…

Water obey God better than anything in the world.”

John Bunion (J. B.) Murray (1908-1988) was a farmer who lived in rural Glascock County, Georgia, near the community of Mitchel. When he was approximately seventy years of age, believing he had experienced a vision from God, he began writing a non discursive script on adding machine tape, wall board, and stationery. He described it as “the language of the Holy Spirit, direct from God” and interpreted it using a bottle of water as a focusing device. In the last ten years of his life he made over a thousand paintings, introducing the script into fields of color and adding figures that represent “the evil people; the ones that are dry tongued, the one’s that don’t know God”.

Images and text from Calvin-Morris Gallery and Folkstreams Film.

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